The family support group provides a safe forum for family members who have a loved one with mental illness to express your feelings, share your challenges with people who encourage you, give you ideas, and share strategies to support you.


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The family support group provides a safe forum for family members who have a loved one with mental illness. Please remember you are not alone. These guiding principles are used in all NAMI support groups. By reviewing them, you will become familiar with the supportive environment that is intended in our meetings. Whether participating online or in a regular meeting, please do so according to our Principles of Support.

  1. We acknowledge and accept the fact that someone we love has a mental illness.

  2. We accept that we have no control over this illness or the individual with the illness. We only have control over our actions and thoughts.

  3. We release all feelings of guilt concerning this mental illness for we are not to blame for the illness or its effects.

  4. We understand and acknowledge that the mental illness has had an impact on all of our relationships.

  5. We forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made and we forgive others for wrongs we feel have been committed against us.

  6. We choose to be happy and healthy; we choose to return to a healthy focus on ourselves.

  7. We keep our expectations for ourselves and for our loved one with mental illness at a realistic level.

  8. We believe that we have inner resources which will help us with our own growth and will sustain us through crisis.

  9. We acknowledge the strength and value of this support system and we commit ourselves to sustaining it for our benefit and the benefit of other families.


Find your local NAMI Family Support Group



Presence St. Joseph's Hospital                         333 N. Madison St. 2nd Floor LDRP Classroom - Joliet, IL

6:00-7:30pm, 1st and 3rd Sundays

February 3 & 17

March 3 & 17

April 7 & 21

May 5 & 19



Morris Hospital                                                   150 High Street,

Room FSB

Morris, IL

6:00 - 7:30 pm, 2nd Tuesday of the Month

February 12

March 12

April 9

May 14



AMITA - Adventist Hospital


500 Remington Blvd.

Bolngbrook, IL60440

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

4th Sunday of the Month

February 24

March 24

April 28

May 26